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Presbyterian Church of West Middlesex

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Sunday Service: 

10 am  Worship

Jr. Church ages 3 - 3rd grade Summer During Worship 

Infant and Toddler Nursery



Pastor Jason offers classes as needed to anyone interested in exploring what it means to be a committed Covenant Partner of a community of Jesus Christ (church).

Topics will cover:

  • God’s Word: Clarifying or Confusing?
  • Jesus: Relationship not Religion
  • Holy Spirit: How do we understand it?
  • Giving: Optional?


Confirmation is not about a certain age group.  Confirmation is for people baptized as infants who realize they need to understand and own their faith.  Our new confirmation process will entail both a class and a pairing up with either Pastor Jason or an elder as a mentor in a year-long process of growth and learning.  If you have a child you believe is mature enough for confirmation or if you desire to renew your baptismal vow and realize you have never owned your faith, please email or call 724-944-5019 Pastor Jason.

Presbyterian Church of West Middlesex
A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
3082 Main Strteet | West Middlesex, PA  16159 | PH: 724-528-3662