Making Disciples

Welcome to our Ministry Team page!

If you are just stopping by to see all the ways we do God's work or if you are looking to get involved. You are in the right place!

God calls us to engage in fellowship with one and other and being a part of a team is a great way to make

that happen! There are many fulfilling volunteer opportunities offered within each of our teams.

Below you will find all the information you need to learn about all of our various ministries.

Want to Get Involved?


We want everyone involved as much as possible. Here is your 1st step!


1. Read about our various ministries.


2. Pick the ministry that best fits you.


3. Decide if the times and days realistically fit your schedule.




Once you pick out a ministry that is best for you here is step #2!


1. Connect with our Ministry Assistant, Stacey Cox or the listed Mobilizer of the team.


2. Meet the others on your team and begin to build relationships.


3. Become a valued member of the team.



Step 3 is the most important of them all! We want to make sure you follow this step through out the entire process even if it is the last step.

1. Have FUN!

2. Have FUN!

3. Have FUN!

Being God's Hands and Feet

Worship Team

Youth Ministry

Children's Ministry

Hospitality Team

Mission Team



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