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 Visit Us 

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little scary, but are welcome here!  We hope to be able to answer your questions and that you will choose to visit us soon.  Please contact us with further questions or stop by the welcome center when you visit.  We would love to meet you!

  • What do we believe?  With Christians everywhere, we worship the only true God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – who is both one essence and three persons. God is infinite, eternal, immutable, impassible, and ineffable. He is the source of all goodness, all truth, and all beauty, of all love and all life, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. The Son is eternally begotten from the Father, and the Spirit proceeds eternally from the Father and the Son. All three persons are worthy of worship and praise. We believe Jesus Christ must be at the center of our lives and making disciples of Jesus at the core of our ministry. We also believe the Bible is the unique and authoritative Word of God, which teaches all that is necessary for faith and life.

  • What time is the service?  Worship is Sunday morning at 10:00 am.
  • Is childcare provided? We love kids! A nursery is provided for newborn babies through age 2. Junior Church (age 3 through grade 6) is dismissed after the children's sermon. In addition, a cry room is available so parents can continue to observe and worship if they feel their children are restless.
  • What kind of service should I expect?  Our worship service is a blended one, in which we sing both contemporary music with the praise band and traditional hymns. We also have an adult choir. Teachings are based on scripture, most often using the New International Version of the Bible. All believers are invited to participate in communion when it is celebrated.
  • How long does the service last?  Services normally last from 60 to 70 minutes.
  • What should I wear?  Our church service is rather informal, so dressing up is not required unless that would be your preference. Just be comfortable and modest.
  • What is our location?  3082 Main Street, West Middlesex, PA  16159