"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 

Presbyterian Women

For generations, the women of PCWM have shared God’s love in tangible ways with monthly fellowship in small groups and by enjoying special events as a whole each quarter. The circles also take part in service projects making a difference in the lives of others. For event dates and further infomation please contact the church office. 

PW Circles 

Genesis Circle: Fellowship 2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm

Mobilizer - Holly Garman 

Mary-Martha Circle: Fellowship 3rd Monday at 1:00pm

Mobilizer - Sally Kaiser 

Ruth-Elizabeth Circle: Fellowship 4th Tuesday at 9:00am

Mobilizers - Tammy Thompson & Susi Leach 

Samaritan Circle: Fellowship 2nd Thursday at 7:00pm

Mobilizer - Diane Pierson 

Executive Board

Moderator: Jill Wasilewski 

Secretary: Sally Kaiser

Treasurer: Nancy McConnell

Assistant Treasurer: Karen Amen

Photographer: Holly Garman

Together-in-Service: Sandra Nicoloff

Search Committee: Marry Garrett & Kathleen Shacklock

More Fellowship Opportunities



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